Business Features


SFM Business Features

Step by Step Training

Have access to an education program that gives you the marketing knowledge through simple modules that are practical and engaging. Each step focuses you on moving forward whilst taking your mindset and online business to the next level

Digital Skills Platform

Don’t let your busy life stop you from starting an online business. The innovative 60–120 second videos within the Digital Skills Platform deliver a simple and actionable approach to online marketing. Perfect for busy people with short attention spans!     

Private Online Community Membership

The SFM private community is a lively online hub, filled with friendly, helpful people at various stages of their business progression. You will be sure to meet some kindred spirits! If you to discuss a new topic or get advice on a challenge you’re facing, the SFM Community is there for you. It important to know that you are not alone!

A Dedicated System Support Team

The experienced support team at SFM is dedicated to helping you solve any technical issues you face, so can remain focused on building your online business. No matter the question, the technical team just a click away. SFM support staff are available via live chat, phone support and Skype.

Weekly Training Webinars

Access value packed weekly webinars where you’ll gain a heap of valuable skills and strategies to apply to your business. The trainers are experts and leaders who are already achieving amazing results in the business, and love sharing their knowledge and insights with the SFM student community. The webinars are always informative, useful and highly inspiring.

The Digital Business Lounge

There are a several tools required for running a successful business online, from websites and web hosting, to campaign tracking and customer acquisition tools. The process has been simplified with the state-of-the-art platform called Digital Business Lounge (DBL). It supplies all the vital tools in one convenient place, in order to help you set up your business in the quickest amount of time possible.

Your Personal System Consultant

SFM system consultants are available to give you one-on-one guidance, and are highly experienced in every aspect of our world-class digital business platform. They are kind of like having your own personal trainer! They are available to help you achieve your business goals. As soon as we receive your application, you’ll be assigned a dedicated SFM system consultant to help you along on your online business journey.

Live Events

SFM hold live events around the world, where leaders in the SFM Community show up from all corners of the globe to share their insights and tricks of the trade. These events deliver nothing less than an incredible impact on both your business and levels of inspiration. It also helps to connect with others in the flesh and really feel that sense of community and camaraderie!